Discount Policy

Type of discount Applicable on % & Remarks
*Sibling discount Tuition Fees 1st child – Nil
2nd child - 500
3rd child - 800
4th child onwards - 1000
#Welcome Discount – Only for new admission in KG1 admission Tuition Fees 10%

Terms & Conditions:-

*No other discounts applicable. Those who are eligible for or get one type of discount from this bracket, will not be eligible for any other discount.

**No other discounts applicable. The staff would agree to deduct from their salaries, for the balance fees payable, in 10 equal instalments. Staff is not eligible for a Welcome discount. The Staff is eligible for discount only till the time their status with the school remains as “Staff”, the day this status changes (staff resigns), they will not be eligible to avail this discount for the remaining period of the Academic year. Also to be eligible for obtaining this discount, all the previous years outstanding should be cleared by the staff.

Only the confirmed staffs will be eligible for the staff discounts from the date of confirmation on a pro-rata basis.

***This is an additional discount over and above other discounts in order to encourage the advance payments. Full payment means 100% School Fees received in advance against Tuition Fees.

#Welcome Discount- over and above this sibling discount and Full payment discount can be considered.

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