Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Our students' learning journey starts here. At AZPS; Early Childhood, we provide a broad and balanced educational experience for all our students based on Common Core States Standards (CCSS) within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and International context. Our vision is to provide a safe, play-based and stimulating, learning environment in conjunction with an inclusive quality educational experience that assists all children's holistic growth. In the AZPS Early Childhood phase, we aim to build critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and resilient, and responsible global citizens who respect diversity in the world.

Our curriculum is uniquely designed using the CCSS as a baseline to design our Project-Based Learning (PBL) units. PBL approach supports the students to go beyond the acquisition of knowledge. It aims to enhance thinking skills, problem-solving, research skills, self-management skills, and communication skills. These skills allow our students to adapt to the complex and rapidly changing world. We continuously work on our curriculum to address each child's holistic development and to provide students with opportunities to positively contribute to a better society.

Our students are curious learners; they are supported and motivated to be responsible for their own learning. They are engaged in stimulating, age-appropriate, yet challenging activities facilitated by the teachers but led by the students. Our students play an essential role in assessing their own learning; they are empowered to set their own learning targets confidently and define their next learning step.

Our team works with the ultimate goal of providing a safe and nurturing environment for students, parents, and the family of the Early Childhood phase teachers and staff members.

The AZPS Early Childhood Phase provides a strong basis and foundation for the students to move seamlessly into the Primary phase.

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