AZPS Elementary aims to prepare students to become active, caring, respectful, and lifelong learners with a capacity to participate and challenge themselves not only in the classroom but also in the fast-moving world around them.

The Elementary School plays an important role in developing students who model the qualities described in the AZPS Vision, Mission, and Core Values.

AZPS Elementary Curriculum is based on the academic pillars that aid in designing Common Core State Standards and UAE Ministry of Education standards. Our curriculum is:


During units, we build on learners’ knowledge and interests, with a focus on how to learn: asking questions and finding answers. Students have the opportunities to inquire into areas of interest and share their learning with their peers.


Our curriculum units of inquiry incorporate local and global issues that include multiple subject areas. The integrated units allow students to make connections between the subjects, which leads to understanding the big idea or concepts, resulting in more effective and transferable learning.


We recognize that children develop at different rates and that each student is an individual with needs that may differ from others in the classroom. Elementary teachers use a variety of assessment techniques to create a learning profile for each student to meet each individual student’s needs.

Our learning community: we encourage our students to participate in school activities, and we encourage families to attend or volunteer to assist at school events, such as Global Day, celebrating UAE National Day, or Parents’ Council. In addition, we invite parents to join Parent Conferences, Coffee Morning, and workshops. This emphasizes the true partnership between students, parents, teachers, and school leaders.

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