Guiding Statement

Guiding Statement

Our Vision

AZPS is a community of lifelong learners that strives for academic excellence, prepares students for the global challenges, and maintains cultural identity.

Our Mission

To provide a quality international education while maintaining the cultural identity. To celebrate diversity, encouraging leadership, responsible citizenship, moral values and the development of lifelong learning skills.


Respect: Showing regard for self, others, property and those in authority.
Responsibility: Willing to be accountable for own actions without blaming others.
Cooperation: Working with others to achieve a common goal; knowing when to compromise.
Responsible Citizenship: Taking responsibility towards oneself and the community.

Definition of Learning

The Definition of High-Quality Learning at AZPS is as follows:

“Learning is a process by which the learners acquire knowledge and skills through researching, experimenting, and problem-solving. During this process, teachers act as facilitators by providing learners a degree of voice and choice in their own learning, hands-on experiences that require high-level thinking skills, and varied assessment practices that give them feedback directly linked to their performance level.”

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