All buses are fully compliant with the regulations and have additional safety features to protect your child including GPS and RFID tracking systems, CCTV, and a child safety button.

Transportation Fee:

AZPS Transport Fee
Sr. No Route Area Details 2022-23
Yearly Fee Monthly Fee
1 Sharjah 3,500 350
2 Ajman 3,500 350
3 Dubai 4,000 400
4 Umm Al Quwain 4,400 440
5 Al Dhaid 5,000 500

Payment Option

• Monthly payment [10 Months] can be made through Cheque, the date should be dated before the 10th of every month.

• For transport seat booking Parents to pay 10% of the Annual transport fee for next year by 31st July 2022. The remaining 90% must be paid before 10th October 2022 via Card, or Cash.

Transport fees will be collected along with school fees by cash/POS.

Forms to be submitted

• All required and fully completed Transport Contract.

• Registration Form.

Please send a copy of the signed forms to and please retain a photocopy of the document for future reference.

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